How To Jailbreak Apple TV 3

Hi peeps! I want to talk about the most up to date, best working jailbreak for Apple TV - all models, 1,2, AND 3! Unsure of why you should jailbreak yours? Honestly, there are lots of reasons.


After you jailbreak your Apple TV you have the freedom to:

  • Get XMBC. Say goodbye to cable payments! Stream from tons of new sources, including those that Apple doesn’t want you to know about!

  • Open and play file types that are unavailable on a non-jailbroken TV, such as .AVI, .MKV and more

  • Use various USB devices with your ATV

  • Get more use of your iPhone or iPad by using it as a HD remote control for your Apple TV

  • Surf the web with a browser on your Apple TV

  • Quickly download subtitles for all of your favorite movies and shows


Below, I will list solutions that will jailbreak your Apple TV automatically, meaning all you have to do is simply download the software and the program does the rest for you in a matter of a few short minutes. The people who create the software keep it up to date to ensure that the latest versions are always available to you. Plus, when you buy the jailbreak for one device, you can jailbreak all of your other iDevices at no additional cost. That means you get to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, etc. too and you only have to pay for the software once!



Note: Most of these sites feature jailbreaks for iPads and iPhones because they are the most popular sellers, but they also have Apple TV jailbreaks! Don’t worry, they are there. The one on the iJailbreakpro site, for example, is hidden at their pricing page. 





How the Apple Jailbreaking Process works:


The process is very easy with the solutions I will list. Just install the program on your computer and connect your computer and Apple TV with a USB cord. Let the jailbreak program run on your computer – and that’s it! There are instructions to guide you and customer support is available if you have any questions or get stuck. That’s all there is to it!



If you’re serious about jailbreaking your Apple TV – don’t try to be a hacker and do it all alone. I’ve done it before with the first Apple TV I had and it was a huge hassle. Enough to say that you run the risk of losing all the data on your ATV – including all your apps and history. Using one of the following solutions gives you peace of mind, and it’s guaranteed to work!



The Best Jailbreaks for Apple TV


These are my two top picks, in order.

Number #1- iJailbreakpro (Editor’s top Apple TV jailbreak)

No doubt this is the fastest and best jailbreak software available to jailbreak the Apple TV. The jailbreak takes less than 5 minutes to complete! Not to mention the whole process is completely reversible should you change your mind for any reason, and risk free! I could not ask for more!

I recently used iJailbreakpro to jailbreak the latest generation Apple TV that I just bought AND my old Apple TV, which is now in my son’s room. It was quick and easy and I had no problems with either TV. Plus I did jailbreaks on my iPhone and iPad and didn’t have to pay anything additional. Fantastic bonus there!

iJailbreak Pro really showed me they had great customer support too. I did have one technical question – I just missed something that was in the instructions. I ended up reaching out to customer support. They were really great and answered my question in no time.

I learned a lot from the support staff about how to get the best use of my iDevices. They assured me that they were there to help anytime I needed them. The guy who runs the site really cares about helping people get the maximum enjoyment of their iDevices! Excellent service!

So in the end I got the fastest jailbreak, and awesome customer support. These guys certainly impressed me. And the best part, they provided better service than sites I have used in the past, but I didn’t have to come out of pocket with more money! I rate them 9.5 out of 10. Check out their site here.

#2- Jailbreak Unlock

I have used this site a couple of times on older Apple TV ios versions. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend them. The jailbreak does work, but it takes a bit longer, like 15 minutes or so, for the jailbreak to complete. They actually were my top choice before I found iJailbreak Pro, but why go with second best, right?

Using this software did present a couple of concerns for me, mainly:

  • These guys didn’t seem too up to date on Apple TV. I recently saw that they actually don’t even publish the ATV jailbreak anymore, though the info is still available for members. To me it screams not enough customers or expertise to keep the ATV jailbreak going, and of course that means they may end up not supporting it in the future (like a lot of other sites wound up doing). I wouldn’t want to be stuck without updates for future iOS versions.

  • Customer support was just not on a level that I would expect. They had a phone number, but when I called I couldn’t get an answer. All I could get was a recording that told me to email them for customer support. Really, I don’t see the point in listing a phone number if it only directs you back to email. And when I did email these guys, it took until late the next day before I ever heard back from them. If I am paying for a service, I want it now, not tomorrow or when you decide to get around to it!


All in all this site isn’t absolutely terrible. The software does work and the directions are simple. They are a decent fallback if iJailbreak Pro is unavailable. I mean, at least it works right? I rate them 7 out of 10. 


Check out their site here.


To Sum it up

Right now these are the only sites doing jailbreaks for the Apple TV. There were others, but they didn’t stick around too long, instead they focused on the more popular jailbreaks for devices such as iPad and iPhone. My favorite Apple TV jailbreak is definitely iJailbreak Pro.

I am extremely happy now that I no longer pay for cable or satellite! An ATV box and internet connection are all I need to enjoy through XMBC on my HDTV! 

Thanks for reading and happy jailbreaking!

Mike Tutor





Jailbreaking Guide - step by step.


Jailbreaking your Apple TV 3 can be quite a daunting task if you don't know what to do. But with the proper guidance, it's quite easy. The Apple TV 3 can be quite limited in terms of functionality when compared with other set top boxes. You will only get a limited number of channels and the AirPlay feature isn't good enough to hold the device together on its own. But when you jailbreak your device, you will get a whole range of new features which offer additional functionality. Here I am going to give you a simple guide for jailbreaking your Apple TV 3:


1. First of all it is advisable that you get a micro USB cable which isn't longer than one meter. Get your Apple TV 3 device and remote control. Install the latest iTunes version on your device. You will also need a PC or a Mac device. Lastly, you will need a jailbreaking software which you can download from the internet.


2. Once you have everything in place, launch the jailbreaking software you have downloaded onto your computer.


3. Connect your device to the computer when you are asked to. You do not need to connect your device with the Ethernet or HDMI cable. Just the micro USB cable and power cable is enough.


4. Then you pick up your Apple TV 3 remote control and point it at the device while pressing the Pause/Play and Menu buttons at the same time for 7 seconds. Your device will then enter into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. Release the buttons on the remote control the moment you see a blue light blinking rapidly. Your device will also be identified by your computer at this time. You will also get a message which asks whether it should save signatures. This is your choice completely and the jailbreak will be successful irrespective of which option you choose.


5. After this you will get a message saying that the latest software of the jailbreak is being downloaded & installed. This download will take around 15 minutes on a standard DSL connection but may vary depending on the type of connection you have.


6. Once the above software is installed, your device will launch. But you still don't have to do anything. Just wait and let iTunes do the work. This step can take anything between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.


7. When the above step is completed, you will see a message which states that your device has been restored to its factory settings. All you have to do after this is click "Ok" and then boot your device while it is tethered. If you downloaded an untethered jailbreak software, this step won't be required. That's it, this is how to jailbreak Apple TV 3 quick and easy.


8. You will have to set up your device again like when you bought it. Just remember to choose "No thanks" when it asks whether it should send all information to Apple from your device.